About Me

The Physical

I've been told, on numerous occasions, that my beauty can only truly be experienced in person... I stand a statuesque 5'9" barefoot (imagine me in heels!) with long, dark wavy hair and smooth creamy skin. I have a lithe yet svelte physique that reflects the myriad of physical activities that keep me healthy and fit. I find yoga to be best for my mind, body and soul. 

Whether in a flirty dress or jeans and a tee, I tend to turn heads...


The Mental

You will find me the renaissance woman. I am a college graduate with two B.A. degrees. I always keep abreast of world affairs and have an interest in and love for art (in all forms). I love thoughtful conversation and connecting on multiple levels. I am a creative type and have several personal interests such as travel, literature, film, pop up restaurants, fashion, and of course, art making. I consider myself fortunate for being exposed to the finer things in life at a young age, but keep myself balanced by remaining down to earth with a playful disposition that shines.


The Emotional

I find it exciting to meet and spoil new friends, which makes my company an exceptional experience. I am confident our time together will be enjoyable for both of us, as I love to go out of my way to make all my friends smile. I feel the best time to spend with friends is when we are connecting on many different levels. I am witty and energetic. I have a varied erotic spectrum with a myriad of vices that can bounce between sensual and sumptuous, to kinky and devious. Share with me what's on your mind, your hidden fantasies, so that I may go out of my way to create a truly memorable adventure for both of us. I truly enjoy the art of pleasure. I invite you to find out more for yourself...


Recently, I've become a Certified Practitioner of Bondassage. I love expanding my pleasure repertoire (wink!).

To those unfamiliar with Bondassage, it is a truly incredible sensual art form. It combines light bondage, sensory deprivation, massage and sensation play for the ultimate experience in submission, exploration and complete bliss. I look forward to introducing it to suitors I’ve met and have yet to meet who like to lean into their kinkier side from time to time, or those who’d like to try something new...


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